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Aluminum siding grew in popularity during the housing boom in the 1940s and 1950s following the end of World War II. Manufacturers looking for an alternative to aluminum experimented with vinyl and plastic materials for a number of years before finally introducing the world to vinyl siding. Vinyl is now just as dependable as aluminum or wood siding but lacks any of the problems associated with those materials. Quality Exterior Services LLC offers different types of siding options for those who own their own homes, including repairing existing siding, replacing siding and installing new siding.



There are many different benefits to new siding that homeowners don’t often know. They don’t realize that adding the material to the outside of a home can improve its ability to resist storm damage and lower heating and cooling bills too. Winds, rain, hail, snow and ice can break through brick, cause water damage to wood and even lead to rusting on metal siding. Vinyl siding is much stronger and can handle even the most intense of storms without suffering any visible damage.



Homeowners concerned with noises and pollution may also opt for new siding. The material does an effective job at blocking out noise and acts like a soundproofing element to also keep noises inside the house. Some people even find that it acts as a barrier when it comes to environmental pollution and toxins. Those with allergies and other breathing problems often discover that fewer allergens reach their homes when they cover the outside with siding.



Though some companies offer a free estimate over the phone or online, Quality Exterior Services LLC encourages all potential clients to call one of their representatives directly to talk about their siding needs. Rather than offering an estimate over the phone, contractors offer an estimate in person. They must see the overall square footage of the house, see if there are any architectural elements or decorations that need covering and see the layout of the house before giving an estimate. Only Quality Exterior Services LLC can offer an estimate based on the actual amount of work involved and the size of the house.