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Tile Roofing


Among the many services offered by Quality Exterior Services, the installation and repair of clay and concrete tile roofs is perhaps the most cost effective. The longevity of these decorative, yet practical, roof coverings has been known to surpass a century. Even when faced with hurricane force winds, tile has proven to be a superior roofing material in comparison to cheaper selections. They are also energy efficient, fire resistant and nearly waterproof.


The beauty of a Spanish or Mediterranean style home justifies the investment in authentic tile roofing. Whether rounded or flat, red or blue, concrete or clay, old fashioned or contemporary, every tile choice is guaranteed to increase the value of the appropriate structure. Clay tile generally outlasts concrete and retains its color longer, but concrete is less expensive upfront. They are both easy to repair since the affected tile can be removed while the rest of the roofing materials are left intact. A reputable roofing company will provide a baseline inspection of an existing roof and advise the owner accordingly.


Quality Exterior Services are performed in a timely and professional manner. The process of laying a tile roof requires experienced, skilled specialists and can’t be accomplished in a hurry. Each step must be done correctly in order to produce a solid, long lasting roof covering. Even the most avid DIYers prefer to hire an honest roofing company for the job.


Once the specific details have been agreed upon, the workers are ready to remove the existing roof. This can be a huge undertaking, but after the materials have been pulled off, the sheathing can be checked for damage. If the former roof was made of light material, the wood layer underneath may need to be strengthened for the weight of the tile. Then the underlayment can be rolled on and nailed to the boards. The layers should overlap for optimal waterproofing.


The next step is to add metal flashing around the chimney and other obstacles and seal it. For a steep roof, battens must be installed with the appropriate spacing in between them. The tiles are nailed into the battens if they exist or directly into the sheathing. Clips are often used in addition to nails during the connection of tiles to the battens. In some instances, the tiles interlock so tightly that not all of them have to be nailed down. At the end of the rows and around protruding objects, tiles must be cut to fit into the spaces provided. This work is tedious and best performed by a professional. Safety measures must be taken to protect the worker from inhaling crystalline silica and other hazardous particles.


The final step is to install the special ridge tiles. These rounded pieces may be designed to overlap or simply lay end to end. The finished product will continuously enhance the appearance and curb appeal of the structure for years to come. With a tile roof by Quality Exterior Services, residential and business property owners can’t go wrong.